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    WIX Service Kits


    Direction-Plus™ have chosen WIX Filtration to put into our 4WD service kits and to protect your Vehicle. All filters are designed to meet or exceed the OE equivalent and are a dependable and convenient servicing combination offering peace of mind protection.

    Filter maintenance is the foundation of maintaining a vehicle’s fuel economy and overall health. WIX Filter Service Kits by Direction-Plus™ consistently offer the best protection and coverage in the industry for passenger and commercial vehicles.

    In fact, WIX oil filters increase engine life, because their technologically advanced construction captures 45 percent more dirt and lasts 30 percent longer than the leading brand. And, at 9 pleats of media per inch, WIX air filters last longer and capture more engine killing contaminants.

    A high-quality fuel filter is more important than ever for protecting today’s advanced fuel injection systems, allowing an engine to run trouble free and at peak performance.

    Don’t let inferior service parts cut your trip short, let WIX and Direction-Plus™ be “your first line of defence.”